Black And Decker CO100B Review

Black And Decker CO100B Review

We understand you are searching for an electric can opener for your kitchen. This is because you are either tired of traditional can openers who don't seem to work when you need them. Because of this, you'll need an electric can opener that works just for you.

The Black and Decker Space Maker does exactly what its name suggests. It's a space efficient can opener that can be safely stored on your countertop under the kitchen cabinet. We are proud to introduce this product and hope that it will serve a benefit to you and kitchen workflow.

About The Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener

Black and Decker is a respected manufacturer that gained their respect by making high-quality DIY and home improvement. Each of their products is made to give you the most utility at an affordable price. This electric can opener is no different and has a lot of features that will keep you satisfied:


  • Built in Can Opener
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Cord Storage included
  • Swing Open Door


The ​Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener​ is worth your time and money. It weighs at about 1.12 lbs, and a has a dimension of 7.5 x 6.5 x 5 inches. It's found on Amazon at a price about $40. Get it today if you want a trustworthy electric can opener that will last in your kitchen.

The main feature worth mentioning is its automatic shut off system. Some competing products don't have this feature, and it leads to users having higher energy bills because of it. When not in use, the device will shut down after 15 minutes. Thus, saving you money and ensuring it works again when you're ready to reuse it.

The Black and Decker CO100B Opened Review

A lot of positive reviews came from the product's cutting quality. It's able to glide through a can opener and leaving a smooth edge once completed. This ensures that you don't hurt your finger when trying to remove the lid from the can.

Its model name is the Space Maker. And as its name suggests, it's compact enough and is designed for tight areas. The power cord is placed at the back of the device. This helps you use as much length needed to fit within your kitchen. Get this if you want an automatic electric can opener that creates no clutter.

Plus, it has a has an easy installation process. On average, you'll have to spend about 20 minutes getting it fully assembled. Simply follow the instruction manual, and you'll have a fully functional electric can opener that's ready to cut through cans of any size.

We like that every great feature is hidden behind the opener's swing open door. Customers liked this addition because it allows them to use the can opener bottle opener and the knife sharpener all in one place. This gives the device a sleek look and makes it easy to use.

But there is one problem that consumers noticed. The device had an issue with its mounting fixture. The mounting fixture comes in an awkward position and requires users to modify it to prevent the device from falling. If this problem ever occurs to you, you should call for a replacement immediately.

Still, the Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener is the best can opener in its league. It's versatile, sturdy, works efficiently and safely. Purchase this product if you're wanting a can opener that's guaranteed to cut lids safely and help you prepare your food. Click here to learn more about the product. 

Buying Advice

Need advice on how to pick the best electric can opener?

Look no further.


By frequency, we mean how often are you going to buy canned food. If you're the type who makes 2-3 canned meals a week, a small electric opener would be useful. If you want a good long term investment, you're better off buying a stable, stainless steel electric can opener if you want the most performance.

Remember, if your nutrition doesn't feature a lot of canned food, you'll have more options and room for compromises.

Automatic Shut Off

Are you someone who tends to keep your kitchen appliances on? This is a dangerous habit and can cause for you to lose a lot on energy bills. To save yourself money annually, we suggest that you get an electric can opener that has an automatic shut off feature.

Here's how it works. Once your electric appliance is not in use for over an extended time frame. (10-20 minutes), the device powers off. The Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener has this feature and is another reason why you should buy this product.


This is one of the most important features when searching for an electric can opener. You don't want your first electric can opener to break within the first month. Since your electric can opener is a kitchen appliance, expect it to hit the floor a couple of times throughout its usage.

The Black and Decker CO100B Closed

This fact is true especially if you have children. It would be great to know that your initial investment can survive such incidents.

That's why you need a durable electric can opener that can last for at least 2-3 years. Fortunately, the ​Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener's​ strong construction will last you for about five years before needing repairs.

Can Opener Size

Most freestanding can openers have larger dimensions. This is because they need to open cans of various sizes. However, your can opener doesn't have to be bulky either. Ideally, the model that's worth buying is a combination between the two.

Your first can opener should have a lightweight body so that it can remain portable, mobile, and comfortable. At the same time, it needs to have the same it needs to be large and powerful enough to cut through cans without showing any signs of wear or damage.


In the end, you need an electric kitchen opener. And the best one you'll find is the Black and Decker CO100B Electric Can Opener. It doesn't just serve the task as a reliable can opener. This is a versatile tool that can open beer bottles and keep your kitchen blades in great condition.

Black and Decker CO100B Opener

​Buy this​ if you're serious about making a difference in the time and the results of your cooking projects.

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