Hamilton Beach 76388R Electric Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach 76388R Electric Can Opener Review

An electric can opener is one of the most useful things to have in your kitchen. A good can opener allows you to create culinary master pieces without causing injury. Unlike traditional can openers, electric can openers were designed to help you open can lids without putting your health at risk.

Think about it; traditional can openers often come with design flaws. The most common one is the way the blade cuts through the can lid. Traditional can openers leave jagged edges, which can potentially cause accidents if your finger gets caught between the lid.

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Because of this fact, electric can openers were made. They were made with the intention to make your life easier when opening up cans. Electric can openers are a great investment because they perform better and are safer than traditional can openers. Continue reading to see why the Hamilton Beach 7638R is one of the best electric can openers money can buy.

About The Hamilton Beach 76388R

​Hamilton Beach ​designed this can opener for people who want a useful hand held can opener. It has an easy to use interface, which allows users to cut through cans within a manner of seconds. Here is a list of some noteworthy features:


  • Bottle Opener
  • Cuts standard and tall cans
  • Heavy Duty Metal Cutter
  • Removable Dishwashing Unit


We are proud to introduce you to the Hamilton Beach 76388R Electric Can Opener. This device features Sure Cut Technology. The technology allows users to make precise cuts and cut through prep work faster than the competition. You can find this on Amazon at a price around $32.

The best thing about this can opener is the diverse range of cans it can cut. For instance, it cuts cans that are from 8oz to 42oz in capacity. This gives you the free range to cut through any can without the fear of the can dropping or accidentally slicing open your hand.

Why buy this product? It features a bottle opener that's attached to the machine. The bottle opener consists of a die-cast metal cutter which is great for cutting open wine corks and beer can caps. You'll like this can opener because it cuts through not only cans but effectively opens bottles as well.

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We also think that the cutting unit is easy to maintain. Simply remove it from the device and place it into the dishwasher. This places it ahead competing of electric can openers because it only takes a few minutes to bring the device back to its normal appearance.

And, consumers had a lot of good things to say about this can opener. For example, they liked the quality of the device's magnet. The magnet attaches the lid to itself when the operation is complete. This is a great feature because it keeps the lid in a safe position where it can't become a safety hazard.

You never have to worry about dull blades once you buy the Hamilton Beach 73688R. It comes with a knife sharpener in the back which helps users maintain the quality of their blades. Simply place the blade near the sharpener (make sure you're a few inches away) and watch the magic happen.

Consumers had a few issues in regards to the product's low durability. While it does function correctly, they reported the device breaking within a few months. If this occurs to you, we suggest that you contact Hamilton Beach and request a replacement.

In our lives, we need something that automates our daily activities. One of them is opening up cans. The Hamilton Beach is a great piece of equipment to have in your kitchen because of the value it provides. It will help you cut cans without the risk of injury and cuts cans without failure. ​Click here​ to learn more about the product.

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Buying Advice

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Turning Speed

You don't want a can opener that takes forever to turn. Can openers that are hard to turn require a lot of strength on the user's end. This results in the user either causing pain to their joints or the can opener not cutting the can properly.

When you test out your first electric can opener, check to see how fast it turns. ​Good electric openers​ turn fast, meaning that it can cut through the lid quickly. Invest in a can opener with a fast turning speed, so you don't have to waste time.

Cans You're Going To Use

Cans come in a lot of varieties. Some of them are odd in shape. Others are made out of durable metals such as aluminum and are hard to cut through. Mainly, poorly designed and weaker electric openers struggle with cans, and that issue can cause for the opener to malfunction.

Make sure that your can opener is suitable for the type of can you plan on opening. If possible, see if you can test out the can opener before buying it. This ensures that you'll have a reliable can opener that will help you prepare for your foods even faster.

Stability And Noise

All of the home appliances make some noise when they are working, and none of them sound pleasant to the ear. We suggest that you look for a can opener that's silent and produces little to no noise. For stability, it needs to be able to produce a little bit of vibration and can stand on any solid surface.

Hamilton Beach Can Opener Detached Top

source: hamiltonbeach.com

Hand Held Vs. Free Standing

Although hand held is the preferable option amongst most customers (storing and durability), operating the device by hand seems a bit obsolete. Having a free standing electric opener is safer and doesn't require you to do as much work as you would need to do on a hand held can opener.

Closing Remarks

The Hamilton Beach 76388R is a versatile electric opener that's great in anyone's kitchen. When buying this product, you'll be able to cut through cans in less than 6 seconds. ​Purchase this can opener now​ if you want the best electric can opener that performs correctly every time. 

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